Want To Lose Weight Fast, Eat Healthy And Stay On A Budget?

9 Tips For You If You Want To Lose Weight Fast And Eat Healthy But You’re On A Tight Budget

It is a very sad reality that eating healthy is quite expensive. A burger could be a lot cheaper than a pre-packed salad in your local grocery store. But to think about it, spending on healthier meals would be a lot cheaper that paying on hospital bills for all the diseases that you might get from years of indulging on high calorie, high cholesterol and sweet unhealthy foods. But remember, if there is a will, there is a way. So if you really want to lose weight fast and eat healthy, we have some tips for you to save your pocket.

How To Not Overspend On Healthy Food When You Want To Lose Weight Fast

Before we begin, these tips assume that you will be getting items that only you will consume. It will be a different discussion if you’ll be shopping in a budget for the whole family since not everybody wants the same thing.

Tip#1 – Make a list

This is the number one tip because this is the ultimate key to saving money on grocery shopping. Make a list and follow it to avoid impulse buying. Buy only what you need and nothing more. Don’t go looking around on stuff because you might just get tempted to get that buy 1 take 1 jar of cheese balls which should definitely not be on your list if you want to lose weight.

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Tip#2 – Forget about the brands

Want To Lose Weight Fast Let’s talk about bread for example. If you place a bread on a blue plastic bag or put it on a clear bag or even a box, that is still the same bread. Just because it says something fancy in the packaging, doesn’t mean that there’s something special on it. Those are just marketing bluffs. Check the ingredients and you will see that most of the branded products are just the same as the generic ones.

Tip#3 – Forget about organic

We all know that organic goods cost a lot, but some of you may not agree to cut back on these because organic goods are healthier and taste much better. But hey, you’re on a budget remember? And the basic goods are still packed with nutrients that you need.

Tip#4 – Buy items on sale

There’s always something on sale on every grocery store anywhere. Go straight to the on-sale shelf or aisle and you will find something that you can use for sure. Usually, items that are about to expire are sold for a reduced price. Another thing, go to the stores when it’s about to close. You’ll see that even the meat products are sold for a very low price.

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Tip#5 – Shop in bulk

Items in larger quantities are usually cheaper. Oatmeal, for example, this doesn’t expire right away and since it is a good and healthy meal, you’ll probably be using it a lot too so it’s a good investment to buy a bigger pack. Also, watch out for some nutritious canned goods like tuna and tomatoes because sometimes they are sold as buy 1, take 1.

Tip#6 – Switch to cheaper protein

need to lose weight fastEggs, chicken breasts and fish are just as good of a protein source compared to red lean meat and of course, they cost less.

Tip#7 – Buy whole food and not processed ones

Get chicken breast instead of the processed nuggets for example. The prices may not have much difference, but the nutritional value of chicken breast outweighs that of the processed chicken nuggets in a lot of levels. Plus, would you like to eat chicken nuggets for a whole week? With non-processed foods, you can prepare them in the way you like.

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Tip#8 – Don’t buy water

Invest on a good quality water filtering system that you can use at home. You will be surprised on how much money you’ll save from not buying water in the long run.

Tip#9 – Don’t forget quality over quantity

Okay, let’s use bread again as an example and let’s have a little fun. Take this short quiz:

A bag of white bread goes on buy 1 take 1 promo for $2.99. On the other hand, there’s this very nutritious whole wheat bread which is sold for the same price but you get only 1 bag. Which one will you buy?

You’d probably say, get the white bread because we’ve talked earlier about getting items on sale. But think about it, bread expires in a few days. Do you think you can finish all that bread? Maybe you could but you’re trying to lose weight remember? The whole wheat bread is the better choice because it is healthier and it fills you up easier than white bread so you really don’t need that much. I hope you get the analogy. Always remember to compare items before you buy. Good quantity doesn’t always mean good quality.

Just follow these 9 simple tips and you’re on your way to affording a healthy lifestyle.

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