These 4 Weight Loss Apps Make Losing Weight Fast Easy

Losing Weight Fast Is Now Simple And Hassle-free Thanks To These Weight Loss Apps

Losing Weight FastI am fascinated by how our phones have evolved so much—from bulky walkie-talkies to tiny and sleek versions of an electronic butler. With its countless capabilities, smartphones are now more like Tony Stark’s Jarvis than your analog phone at home.

Smartphones are for texting, calling, photograph-taking, sound tripping, socializing, surfing the internet; and now, even for losing weight fast.

Thanks to some smart app developers, your smartphone can now be your nutritionist, gym trainer, or both. To help you get started, we’re introducing you to the top four apps for losing weight fast based on user and expert reviews. The best part is, all the apps we’re featuring here can be downloaded for free!

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Check out how these 4 weight loss apps could complement your routine to losing weight fast!

App #1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a food diary, weight tracker and calorie-calculator all rolled into one. This app allows you to enter your weight loss goal—say, lose 10 lbs—and realize it by giving you a daily calorie allowance or “budget” that will get you to your goal—say, 1,500 calories per day. By logging in the food you eat, MyFitnessPal lets you know how many calories you are still allowed to consume for the rest of the day.

What’s more, doing exercise and logging it in the app can give you “bonus calories” which will be determined based on the amount of calories you just burned. For example, an hour of jogging will merit you an additional allowance of 300 calories, which you can then use by treating yourself with a refreshing banana smoothie.

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App #2. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club functions like a personal gym trainer that helps you reach your fitness goals through exercise. This app is actually designed for women, but men who are into losing weight fast will also find it useful. When you start the app, you will be asked to choose among four fitness goals: Get Lean (cardio), Get Toned (light weights), Get Strong (heavier weights) and Get Focused (target a specific body part such as abs or legs).

This app will also customize your training plan based on your current fitness level, be it Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. If you are unfamiliar with some of the exercises, this app also provides photos and descriptions to help you get your form right. The degree of customization, variety of workouts and precision of exercise tips that this app offers can really match what you get from an actual trainer.

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App #3. Pact

If you think that the above apps would still not give you enough motivation to follow through your fitness goals, this app might just do the trick. Pact (formerly GymPact) allows you to make commitments for the week, such as eating more veggies or going to the gym, and set an amount (ranging from $5-$10) that would serve as collateral for failing to do as promised. Photos submitted serve as evidence of whether you kept your promise or not—it can be a shot of your plate full of veggies or a selfie on the treadmill.

If you fail to submit proof of your commitment, you lose the money you put on the line. If you didn’t miss your goal, you are entitled to receive incentive coming from the money charged from people who didn’t. For most people, Pact really works because the bigger consequence of losing money serves as a very good motivation.

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App #4. Fooducate

Have you ever felt confused over what to buy in the grocery store, with all the different brands that look and taste the same to you? Fooducate helps you make the right choice with its huge database where food products are given a letter grade that scales from A-D, based on their nutrient content and the presence or absence of certain additives. If you’re drafting your shopping list and not sure about which vinaigrette to buy for your salad, simply search for “vinaigrette” or “salad dressing” on the app, and it will return a search list of products that are ranked according to how the app rates their overall goodness.

If you’ve stumbled upon a peanut butter that shouts “low-fat”, give it a bar code scan through the app to learn more about the product, just to make sure that its being low-fat was not achieved through a lot of additives. What you can learn from Fooducate is really fascinating, that you would be encouraged to browse through the app even during your free time.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your smartphones and get started with these weight loss apps now and begin your journey to losing weight fast.

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