Don’t Know What To Eat To Lose Weight Fast? Try These 7 Foods

Have You Ever Asked Yourself “What To Eat To Lose Weight Fast?

what to eat to lose weight fastI used to ask myself this question many times. For sure, you have tried losing weight many times by being selective at what you eat. The fact that you want to know which foods actually work and which ones do not, means that your dieting attempt was not that successful.

You probably have an idea on what foods to eat or which to avoid but you did not get the results you hoped for. The truth is, there are too many stereotypes about weight loss techniques, which anyone can easily fall to. Today is your lucky day because we are letting you in on a secret about which food to eat to lose weight fast!

Next time when you can’t think of what to eat to lose weight fast, try these 7 types of food I recommend:  

#1. Leafy Green

Do you remember yourself as a child when you hated your veggies? Well now you have more reasons to love them. Besides being healthy, green leafy vegetables help cut some inches off your waist. They are filled with fiber which helps excrete cholesterol and toxins out your system.

Examples of these are spinach, chards, kale, cabbages, and many more. Remember however that when you have greens in your salad that it would not help you slim down if you have too much fatty dressing on it. Try taking your greens fresh or in soups.

what to eat to lose weight

#2. Fish

Unlike its other meat counterparts, fish has way lesser fat contents than pork, poultry, or beef. Especially salmon and tuna, they contain healthy oils that are rich in protein. They will make you feel full and energized throughout the day even by being low calorie foods. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of fishes when it comes to being fit hence many models and bodybuilders eat it.

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#3. Fruits

foods to eat to lose weight fastAmong the slimming foods, fruits must be the easiest to take. They look good and taste good. Having fruits in your regular diet would not be too hard on your part. No doubt, fruits are very healthy. They give you the nutrients you need without taking in too much fats and calories.

However eating too much fruits will not be likely to help you lose weight because of the high sugar-content in some certain fruits. Here are some fruits that you can eat to shred those pounds: bananas, blueberries, pears, apples, etc… Just remember everything should be in moderation.

#4. Nuts

foods to lose weight fastProbably every kind of nut is fun to eat. They taste good and they keep us entertained. Especially for busy grownups, nuts can come in handy at work, school, or while performing your other duties and responsibilities. Although they are rich in fats, they do not actually make you larger because they have substances that increase your metabolic rate thus making you less susceptible to doubling your waistline as you munch over such snack.

#5. Lean Meat 

Many people fear taking on themselves a new diet to lose weight. They believe that they would be deprived from eating delicious food. Well they are wrong. You can still actually have lean meat such as beef, chicken, and even pork. The tactic is not to eat those meat parts that are filled with fat. Stick to the lean parts. They are rich in protein and it would help you feel full and strong even when you eat lesser than your normal meals.

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#6. Whole eggs

Eggs have gained quite an adverse reputation in the fitness world. People believed that they are high in cholesterol resulting to clogged arteries and high blood pressure. After years of research however, it has been found out that whole eggs actually help in losing weight fast. They are rich in cholesterol but these are healthy fats. They are also very rich in protein but are actually low on calorie content. They would make you feel full without adding actual bulk on your body.

#7. Yoghurt

Who doesn’t like yoghurt? They taste good and feel good at the same time. Did you ever have that healthy feeling after consuming a cup of yoghurt? Do not feel silly about it because you are actually healthier with yoghurt on your diet. As it is popularly known, it has live good bacteria that keeps our bodies strong and well. Although they come tasty, fruity, creamy, or sweet, they are very low on calories.

Changing your diet into a healthier one does not always mean skipped meals or boring dinners. There are many foods you can eat that are exciting to have and delicious to your taste buds. Try to incorporate the mentioned foods into your diet for a fast and effective weight loss and don’t forget to share this article to your friends so they all know what to eat to lose weight fast.

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