A New Lose Weight Fast Diet That Lets You Eat More

Lose Weight Fast Diet – The Volumetrics Way

Hunger is one of the things we dread about trying to lose weight fast. Diet is restricted to very small portions and you feel more deprived than ever. This is why some of us just give up or not even try to take the first step. But thanks to this new diet method, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. With Volumetrics, you can now lose weight without having to suffer from hunger!

lose weight fast dietThe Volumetrics Diet was created by nutrition expert, Dr. Barbara Rolls and was explained in her book, “The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet: Smart, Simple, Science-Based Strategies for Losing Weight and Keeping It Off”.

In her research, she found that people tend to eat the same amount of food everyday in terms of volume. This is why when we go on a diet and start to reduce our food intake, we feel a strong impulse to cheat. With the diet she introduced, Dr. Rolls proposes that we can lose weight by cheating our bodies, filling it with the same bulk of food, but using less calorie-dense substitutes.

Simply put, The Volumetrics Diet is about stuffing your meals with water-rich, fiber-rich and low-fat food. Examples of these are soups, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, fish and lean meat. The key is to choose food that you can consume at the same volume or amount you are used to, but actually take fewer calories. In effect, you don’t feel hungry while cutting your calorie intake.

The Volumetrics Diet gets a lot of praise from experts for its safety, effectiveness and sound scientific basis. Many people have been drawn to this diet since it promises to relieve hunger, which many diets can’t. If you have always struggled with feelings of deprivation with other diets and wish there’s a better alternative, you should try the Volumetrics Diet. We’re showing you how to get started in a few simple steps.

5 Tips To Make This Lose Weight Fast Diet Work For You

Step #1. Always start with an appetizer.

Start full meals with a cup of light soup such as an onion and cabbage soup or miso soup. These light, water-rich appetizers will not only give a very tasty start to your meal but also help curb the hunger pangs easily. By making light soups a staple, you limit your chances of overeating in every meal by filling yourself with a starter that’s low in calories.

Step #2. Fill your plate with the right stuff.

The key to the Volumetrics Diet is consuming a full plate that is packed with the right stuff, which is anything rich in water, low in fat and high in fiber. Go for unlimited lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and onions tossed with a low-fat salad dressing. For your bread, pasta or risotto, choose fiber-rich whole grains which will make you feel full for longer. Can’t live without dessert? Go for a serving of fresh watermelon or peaches to satisfy your craving.

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Step #3. Choose protein wisely.

Eating protein rich-food helps promote feelings of fullness or satiety, but you have to choose carefully. Most cuts of meat are packed with fat which makes them calorie-dense, so avoid the marbled cuts of meat in the mean time. To satisfy your protein requirement, tofu, egg white, tuna, salmon, chicken breast and other low-fat alternatives should top your list.

Step #4. Substitute your favorite food.

Some of us just can’t live without our favourite comfort food. With the Volumetrics Diet, you don’t have to avoid them at all; you just have to look for alternatives that have lower calories but can give you the same satisfaction. If you like ice cream, go for frozen yoghurt instead. If you like your coffee with lots of sugar and cream, add stevia and skim milk instead. There are a lot of choices out there; you just have to be creative in seeking substitutes for your favourite food.

Step #5. Move around!

Unlike most diets, the Volumetrics diet will not leave you feeling too drained for exercise. Use the energy you have for an hour on the treadmill so you can reap the benefits of your diet even faster.

Volumetrics is an effective lose weight fast diet that keeps you full and satisfied, and there is no longer an excuse left for you to cheat or not lose weight at all.

You can read a book review of this diet or get the full copy of The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet on Amazon here.

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