8 Scientific Tips For Losing Weight Quickly

Losing Weight Quickly Doesn’t Have To Be That Hard!

After spending three months in the gym and weighing only two pounds less than before, your estranged trainer may have told you once, “Slow progress is still progress”. He is as impressed as you are impatient.

This experience, along with the frustration that comes when you tip the scale after two weeks of skipping dinner, have led you to believe that a noticeable weight loss takes at least six months to make.

So if you are only three weeks away from your friend’s beach party, you either decide on wearing matching floral pants and shirt, or stop eating from now on.

Losing Weight QuicklyBut perhaps all this time, you have missed the point. Proper weight loss is indeed just about eating less and burning more.

However, dieting is now recognized by scientists as a stressful activity, with studies proving that monitoring a low-calorie diet increases the levels of stress hormone, cortisol.[1] Stress could hinder weight loss, since elevated cortisol levels have been linked to both sluggish metabolism and more unnecessary cravings. [1] This is why the harder you push yourself to lose weight, the more you might not.

Therefore, the quickest way to lose weight is to keep it simple and stress-free. We’ve listed eight incredibly simple tips that are anchored on balancing your calorie intake and expenditure, and assisting your metabolism as well. These tips are also guaranteed to not compromise your overall health, unlike most fad diets.

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Here Are 8 Tips To Boost Your Metabolism For Losing Weight Quickly

Tip #1. You’ve heard it before: drink lots of water.

When it comes to losing weight, water is your unassuming, double-edged aid. First, it is calorie-free, so it should be your first choice refreshment—not soda or frappe. Second, it fills you up. Try drinking a glass of lukewarm water before each meal and you’ll find yourself less likely to ask for a second serving.

Tip #2. Eat on a smaller plate.

This will trick your mind into eating smaller portions. When you finish eating, you think you just had a full meal when in fact; it’s just half of your usual. And since you know you’re on a diet, you’re unlikely to come back for another serving.

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Tip #3. Burn calories as you eat.

With the right food choices, you can help your body burn the fat you want to lose. Whole grains and lean meat consume more energy when you digest them—so aside from fruits and vegetables, fill your diet with whole wheat, whole oats, red rice, fish meat, chicken breast and the like. Capsaicin, the compound which makes chili peppers hot, are also known to increase metabolism.[2] Drinking green tea has also been proven to help decompose more fat as you exercise, which should speed up weight loss.[3]

Tip #4. Take your multivitamins.

When we eat less, our bodies read lowered levels of Iron and B-Vitamins as a signal for starvation.[4] Assuming it is nutrient-starved, our bodies will protect itself by conserving your fat reserves, making them even tougher to burn. Taking your vitamins will guarantee that you can consume less carbohydrates and fat without compromising the intake of other nutrients.

Tip #5. Get up and do cardio.

Exercise will not only help you burn calories, but will also help fight stress, thanks to the endorphin rush that is kicked off by physical activity. Don’t have time to hit the gym? Google instructional aerobic videos that only take 7-15 minutes. Of course these time-saving workouts are a lot more intense, but could still help you lose as much calories as you can in a 1-hour jog.

Tip #6. Build your core (or at least, try).

While your cardio exercise helps you burn as much fat as you can while you exercise, building your core increases your ability to burn calories while you rest. Yes—we burn calories while we sit on our computer, even while we sleep—but not as much as when we are exercising. By building your core, you increase muscle mass, which then allows you to burn more calories at rest. What’s more stress-free than knowing your muscles are burning calories even as you sit?

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Here’s an 8-minute Abs Workout that we found extremely effective. You can try this workout today from home. Click the play button to watch this video now:

Tip #7. Get enough sleep.

Studies have shown that when you have less than 7 hours of sleep, you are likely to eat more than you should.[5] This is because lack of sleep will cause an increased amount of the hormone that tells you to eat (ghrelin) and less of the hormone that signals you’ve had enough and it’s time to stop (leptin).[5] Not to mention, a good night sleep will also keep you from munching a glazed donut for midnight snack.

how to lose weight quickly

Tip #8. Treat yourself differently.

Stress can be addressed primarily by following some steps already mentioned above (exercise and enough sleep). But if you still feel low and deprived, instead of grabbing that 700-calorie quarter pounder, treat yourself with a massage or a body scrub for being such as disciplined dieter.

Follow these simple tips for losing weight quickly and you’ll find yourself ditching that floral drapery for the hottest swimwear.


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